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Retro engagement photoshoot at Disney’s Boardwalk

Engaged couple at the Disney Boardwalk entrance

When the couple told me they love Disney, showed me their Pinterest mod board, and all were retro-style pictures; the first place that came to my mind was the Boardwalk and then we decided to do a retro photoshoot at Disney’s Boardwalk.

We take advantage of every photo opportunity whenever we do a photoshoot because you never know Orlando’s weather. We started at the bridge, and definitely, they are some off our favorites.

For a themed photoshoot, the outfit is essential. On this occasion, the bride was very clear about her idea. We only guided her a little bit about choosing the right colors. A white color dress, pearls for her, and a black tuxedo with a bow tie for him were vital for the retro look.

a detailed shoot of a bow tie

In terms of lighting, we use natural light. The day was cloudy, which helped a lot with the mod of the photoshoot. Pictures had a very soft appearance. Additionally, natural lighting has its benefits. It allows you to move faster and without notice. We were like an hour shooting inside and outside the hotel, and we had no problem with security which allowed the couple to feel relaxed.

Then she decided to go casual for a more dynamic approach. So, we walked a little to have other scenarios. This outfit allowed us to do more fun poses. She could jump, walk faster and do more natural poses.

We loved the turnaround of this retro-inspired photoshoot. We can’t wait to photograph more couples with cool ideas.