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Four Reasons to have Engagement Photos taken and what to expect

You may feel nervous and overwhelmed by just thinking about putting yourself in front of a camera. But I have good news for you. Most of the time, you and your partner will be looking at each other and not posing to the camera. I give four reasons why you should do an engagement photoshoot!

Taking engagement photos is incredibly fun!

Taking engagement photos is incredibly fun! You’ll likely spend the majority of the time laughing, snuggling, kissing, and smiling. The photographer will direct some poses to help you look the best way possible. However, the facial expression will depend on how you decide to spend the photoshoot time. I always recommend saying cute phrases to your partner, telling her jokes, remembering fun times together. Make this time a date!

Spending a couple of hours with us before your wedding will make a difference in the outcome of your wedding images.

During the photoshoot, we can see how you two interact with each other and your personalities. We will adjust to you and your partner, find the poses that fit your personalities, and learn how to get the best expressions from you.

An engagement session will allow you and your partner to get comfortable in front of the camera and determine your best angles.

We took hundreds of photos during an engagement photoshoot. You will be able to see them all on an online gallery and choose your favorite ones. This will determine what are the best angles for you and your preferences in terms of poses, lighting, and photo intention.

A great idea for your engagement photos is to do it in a place where you and your partner met or something that you enjoy doing together.

This will help with the mood of the photoshoot. We will suggest a couple of outfits according to the location, color palettes that fit better the place and we will give you ideas on what props to bring to the photoshoot. We also provide music. Share your favorite playlist or create your own. Music will help you to get relax and enjoy more the photoshoot.

I did my engagement photoshoot now what?

Last but not least photos are perfect to be displayed on your wedding invitations or save the date. Spread your love through social media and count the days until the big day arrives.

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