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Brides and grooms are generally looking for comfort without losing good taste, and this place has it all. 

I had the pleasure of visiting this new Barn in Orlando. It is unique because it brings a minimalist, industrial style and provides many things you would have to outsource in any other venue. It has great spaces, a super modern bar, kitchen, modern tables and chairs, utensils, centerpieces, 360 photo booths, and even artificial flowers. 

It gives that feeling of being in nature surrounded by animals because it has stables and goats, but at the same time, you are getting married in a super chic place.

The Chapel

It’s a indoor venue, so you don’t have to worry about the weather. It has a super cool wall, which you could use as a background for the ceremony without having to place anything else if you wish.

Right next to it, the courtyard is a perfect area for cocktail hour. During this time, the bride and groom can go to take pictures in the intimacy of the barn already decorated.

The Barn

It has white walls, the primary and essential minimalist color, a wall to place the drinks, and the DJ is located upstairs, giving a disco look. It has two polished wood Royal tables on both sides of the Barn and black chairs. The whole place has black industrial chandeliers and black and wood details. 

Inside the black barn space with royal tables and black chairs
The Black Barn on the wall - bar area - Orlando Wedding Venue - Contempo Photos

On the other hand, it has a bridal suite and a groom’s suite. The bridal suite is incredible with a super electric modern vintage look. The green and pink color palette give a super chic look. 

I couldn’t visit the groom’s suit in this opportunity but know that it is located in a separate area from the bride, undoubtedly very comfortable and exciting as is the rest of the Barn.

Last but not least, it is located 20 minutes from Downtown Orlando. Just imagine getting married on a farm in the middle of the city! 

For more information about the venue go to and for information on photography and videography submit your contact information on the contact page.

Now that you have seen the Black Barn empty. I will show you a whimsical styled shoot we did at the Back Barn.